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Pasture-Raised Beef

Who Are We?

Shadowbrook Farm is a small family farm located in New Lebanon, New York, about 2.5 hours North of New York City and 2 hours West of Boston. Established in 1953, the Benson Family has experienced many aspects of the farm lifestyle, from raising dairy, beef, poultry, swine, to crop farming. 


Located on the edge of the Berkshires, Shadowbrook Farm consists of hundreds of acres of pastures and hay fields where the most pampered herd of cattle roam daily. In addition to the beef herd, pasture raised broiler chickens and laying hens take advantage of the vast landscape to hunt for their diet of many different bugs, seeds, and greens.  More recently, a small drove of pigs have joined our farmstead to add a little more variety to our farm.

We think it is important to encourage our customers to see how food can be raised with an approach that gives the best lifestyle possible to our animals and benefits both the consumer and the environment. Take a tour of our website and then come and visit us here on the farm.

What's the Purpose?

Large scale animal farming in the U.S. is where animals are enclosed in cramped feedlots, fed government-subsidized grain-based rations containing antibiotics, and implanted with growth hormones to promote weight gain artificially. Although this is very profitable for 'big business farming,' Shadowbrook Farm is taking a different approach to provide its customers with the highest quality farm produce as possible and is dedicated to transform the meat that American consumers eat.


Shadowbrook Farm is dedicated to sustainable, authentic farming which allows our animals to live happy and healthy lifestyles and thus channels the consumption of naturally-raised, high-quality meats. This is possible by raising our cattle on a plethora of pasture, always having access to fresh grass and legumes. Our chickens and turkeys live a complete free range lifestyle, and our pigs have over 3,000 times more pasture space than the typical pig pen. 

The difference in quality is unmistakable, so go ahead — treat yourself to an unforgettable meal of our beef, chicken, turkey, pork, or eggs and taste a world of difference.

What's New on the Farm

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