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Our half pig purchasing has changed slightly (and for the better!). Instead of basing it off the hot carcass weight at $5.50/lb, we have made half pig purchases a lump sum amount of $550, while still offering the same cuts of everything.


Those cuts would include:


  • X3 Country Style Ribs

  • X8 Pork Chops

  • X1 Rack of Spare Ribs

  • X1 Tenderloin

  • X4 Sirloin Chops

  • X2 Boston Butt

  • X1 Leaf Lard

  • X8 Smoked Bacon

  • X1 Jowl Bacon

  • X2 Smoked Ham Steaks

  • X5 Maple Breakfast Sausage (8 links per pack)

  • X5 Hot Italian Sausage (4 links per pack)

  • X5 Sweet Italian Sausage (4 links per pack)


This lump sum price discounts our retail prices by about $150 (about 25% off retail). A half pig includes about 55-60 lbs of meat that is cryo-packed just like the meats in our store, and would take up about 1.5 cubic feet in your freezer. 


We are usually able to fulfill a half pig purchase immediately. After your $100 deposit to be added to the waitlist,  the remaining $450 balance will be due at time of pickup by cash or check. 


We are able to store your half pig order for up to a week after being notified it is ready for pickup. Prefer to have it shipped to your door? Contant us and we'll help!

Half Pig Bulk Box Deposit

  • Return Policy

    Returns are not accepted.

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