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Sign-up for 2024 CSA Membership is now open! Sign up by Jan 31, 2024 to participate in a 2024 half year Meat CSA!


The Shadowbrook Farm Meat CSA is a whole/half-year value-driven "subscription" to our pasture-raised products that we offer here on the farm.


Every other month, CSA Members receive a subscription box containing a diverse combination of our pastured beef, pork, and poultry products tailored to each season. Each box is designed for the convenience of storage in your regular kitchen freezer.


Being a CSA Member with Shadowbrook Farm gives you a $100+ savings over retail prices with the added security of a year-long supply of humanely-raised, delicious local meats for your family!


2024 CSA Share Pickup Dates


Pickups are Wednesdays-Sundays between 10am to 5pm at the Farm Store.


February 1-4

April 5-7

June 1-2

August 1-4

October 2-6 

December 4-8


NOTE- Sign up through this page is for credit card payment only. If you would like to pay by check, drop it off at the Farm Store or mail to:


Shadowbrook Farm

2479 County Route 5

New Lebanon, NY 12125


Full share (6 pickups) payment by cash or check is $675

Half share (3 pickups) payment plan by cash or check is $360

Please include a note with your name, phone and email address.


Yes, we can ship for an additional fee! If you would like shipping quoted into your membership, please email before mailing a check.


CSA Membership FAQS


Q: Is each box going to contain the same cuts of meat?

A: No way! Variety is the fun part of this, and its a great way to sample the full range of products we offer here on the farm. From the popular cuts of steak, to some of the more obscure bits, you will get to try it all!


Q: But what if I don’t know how to cook the weird stuff?

A: Although the CSA Membership excludes some of the super "weird" cuts, such as organs and trotters, we are here to offer advise on how to prepare each item. Plus you can always ask for a digital copy of our "Meat Handbook." Here at Shadowbrook, we consider ourselves to be "foodies" and love to cook foods as much as we love our animals, so don't be afraid to email us for advice!


Q: Are there eggs in each box?

A: Chicken Eggs are actually a seasonal item (chickens tend to only lay eggs during the warm season) but we do offer them in the majority of pickups. The seasonality to our harvest schedule will be reflected in what’s available in your CSA box. Each share highlights the seasonality of meat cooking- e.g. summer grilling vs winter stews. 


Q: If I don’t want a specific item or type of meat, can I substitute something else?

A: No- the CSA Membership is a way for you to sample all the different meats we raise, and boxes are all pre-packed for convenience. For this reason, the CSA Membership may not be the best option for everyone- if you have dietary restrictions or prefer one type of meat over another, you might be better served by purchasing one of our other bulk packages offered in store or on our website.


Q: Do I need to purchase a special chest freezer to store my share? 

A: No- unlike the purchasing a bulk box such as a quarter or half beef, each CSA box is sized accordingly to fit in your everyday kitchen fridge or freezer! Each pickup contains 10 to 15 lbs of frozen meat cuts- less than a cubic foot. Because the meats are frozen, you will have flexibility in deciding when to cook things and properly stored sealed packages will last a year.    


Q: Is there a month to month option or a half share? 

A: There is not a month-to-month option, but a half-year membership is available! For the half year membership, you will recieve the three boxes for half the year instead of 6 for the whole year. Half year membership sign ups are available in both December-January and June-July.


Q: What if I can’t make a scheduled pickup date? Can you hold my share?

A: Sure! One benefit of our CSA membership is that, unlike veggies or other perishables, your share will not spoil if we need to hold it a bit longer for you since meats are frozen. If you are not able to make the scheduled pickup dates, let us know ahead of time and we'll plan accordingly.


If you have any more questions, let us know by emailing

Shadowbrook Farm CSA Membership

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